Yoga Teacher Empowerment Program

Growing into YTE

I grew into this beautiful organization naturally. Back in late 2015, Laurene started attending some of the public yoga classes I was teaching. Over time, we started to chat after class and I found myself comfortable sharing my questions and concerns with her as a teacher. I noticed that I looked forward to hearing her guidance and feedback. The more of it I implemented into my teaching, the more confident I felt as a practitioner and teacher!

She has been a great inspiration for being “me” in my teaching. This ongoing experience of tapping into who I am at my root has reflected in my personal life, and is transforming who I am as a teacher in profound ways. I’m feeling more sure of myself in what I choose to pursue and do, and know that I am right where I am supposed to be!

When the opportunity arose to come under her wing as a mentee it was an easy YES!

Having a Mentor

Since beginning as a mentee with Laurene Hayden, my confidence has strengthened ten-fold, and I am finding my own truths guiding more of my decisions. I have become comfortable in embracing various yoga traditions and approaches to bring my truths into my practice, which translates brilliantly into my 'giving experience' as a teacher.


Yoga Teacher Empowerment

Yoga Teacher Empowerment believes in empowering Yoga Teachers in their personal quest for wholeness, through member driven mentoring programs in the deeper and wider traditions of Yoga & Ayurveda, thereby supporting teachers to achieve happier and more authentic ways of living and giving.

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