Pause Pic

This photo was taken on a train ride through the mountain fields in Peru. What captivates me is the ability of a camera to create a moment of stillness… a pause, if you will.

Life is always moving forward, like a train, and life wants us to move forward with it. Sometimes it seems to move slower than at other times, but nonetheless, it is always changing. Within all the change, the emotions, the thoughts, the actions, the everything that life is, it is also stillness. All of life’s creation begins and returns to a moment of silence.

A pause.

Pausing for just a moment to observe yourself, sensations, feelings, and anything else that arises helps to center. It reminds you that there is more than just you, but that you are also connected to it all.

Your breath can be used as a doorway to guiding you into the stillness. Notice the moment of silence at the top of the in-breath and the bottom of the out-breath. The moment when you are fully aware of yourself and are able to feel that there is something bigger than you, but that it is also a part of you. The moment when you simply allow yourself to be.

And when that momentary pause is over, just as a click of a camera taking a photo, remember that you can take many more of them. That moment is always accessible and it can guide you into being more conscious of all you are doing and are a part of.