Joy and Happiness

In Marie Kondo’s book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, she focuses on the importance of surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy and happiness and letting go of the things which are not conducive to your well-being. Though her book is focused on the home environment, inspiration can be drawn from it for other areas of your life… like your yoga practice.

On any given day, the way you transition from pose to pose, the modifications you might need to embrace, and the props you choose can change. I encourage you to make those decision with your happiness in mind. Be aware of what ideals, thoughts, and worries you need to let go of, so that you can create space for joy.

And on days when joy and happiness seem out of reach… and that happens, strive for contentment. Continue to work towards that blissful and expansive feeling.

Make decisions and take actions which spark joy within and fill your heart with happiness.