Yoga Nidra
for Grief from Loss

A Conscious Deep Rest Technique

We have all suffered loss to one degree or another, whether it be a job, a relationship, a pet, loss of trust, a death, this list goes on… Grief is a natural response to loss and when grieving you may suffer from a range of symptoms and emotional pain. While we all process through situations in our own way, it is vital to be able to express the loss and underlying emotions in a safe and healthy way.

It’s important to give yourself the time needed to reflect on your loss; to surrender resistance, denial, and shock so that the grief can be witnessed, integrated, and released as it is ready.

This Yoga Nidra session is here to support you. It will include:

  • A short reading on grief and loss
  • Breath work
  • Guided self-acupressure
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Sound healing
  • Meditation/reflection

There is no prior experience necessary. Bring what you need for extra comfort such as a pillow or blanket as well as a journal for those of you that prefer to write during reflection.

Location: Anahata Yoga Sound and Energy Healing
Date: July 20th, 2018
Time: 7-9pm

For more details check out the flyer and you can download it HERE and you can sign up HERE.


Using Mantra
To Help Remove Obstacles

A Specialty Class using the Ganesh Mantra and Sound Healing

What is MANTRA?

In Sanskrit the words can be broken down as:
Man (Manas) = To Think/Mind
Tra = Designates Tools or Instruments/To Set Free
A Mantra is the instrument of the mind or thought.
A mantra can be a sound, word, syllable, or phrase that gets repeated for its powerful effects on the mind. These effects are also believed to resonate through the entire human psyche and energy systems.
This specialty class will begin with a short explanation of the Ganesh Mantra followed by sound healing, chanting the mantra for three rounds of a mala (108 times each round), a short meditation, and end with sound healing.

There is no prior experience necessary! While not essential, you may bring your mala and favorite mediation cushion if you have them. 

*Registered yoga teachers are eligible for 1.5 CE hours through Yoga Alliance for this class.

Location: Anahata Yoga Sound and Energy Healing
Date: August 31st, 2018
Time: 7-8:30pm

For more details check out the flyer and you can download it HERE and you can sign up HERE.


Join Veda Spidle and Julie Lemerond for a healing afternoon!

Come prepared to be pampered and allow yourself to enter into a deep space of quiet surrender.  Enjoy the following:

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Essential Oils
  • Sound Healing
  • Gentle Adjustments
  • Reiki*

Please feel free to bring your own pillow, blanket, eye pillow, or anything else to ensure maximum comfort!

*Reiki is a Japanese technique in which “life energy force” (Ki) is transferred to the receiver.  It is used for stress reduction, relaxation and to promote healing.  A beautiful addition to a restorative class!

Location: A Mindfulness Life Center
Date: October 4th, 2018
Time: 6-8:30pm

For more details check out the flyer and you can download it HERE and you can sign up HERE.

Julie and I hope to see you there!